About your Fur

Demarson is committed to supporting high-end fur manufacturing in NYC
and to craft all of our products in a sustainable and ethical way. The foundation
of our brand is design, quality and superior materials. The materials used for
our products have been sourced for their purest qualities and their ability to
sustain and last a lifetime and beyond. Our furs are proudly designed and
handcrafted in NYC.
Responsible fur

The fur sector is one of the most strictly regulated enviromentally-friendly
industries in the world with strong regulations and governance that keep our
industry at the forefront of sustainable and ethically- conscious fashion.

Real fur vs. Faux fur

Demarson values the freedom we all share in determining our own choices.

Real fur is also a great choice if you’re being conscious of the environment.
Hunting and trapping wild fur-bearing animals have little impact on the
environment and in fact strict quotas are set by government or state
conservationists to sustain populations at levels for the optimum health of
the eco system. At the same time, the iff is a voting member of the international
union for the conservation of nature (iucn), which looks after the best interests
of nature and supports the fur industry’s “sustainable use of abundant species”.

In addition, the environmental impact of natural fur compared to artificial fur
is much smaller, as shown by the study by dss management consultants inc.
The fur industry also creates a lot of employment around the world, keeping over
1 million people in skilled jobs.

Whether you choose to eat meat, eggs, dairy produce, use medicines tested
on animals or wear leather, fur, silk or wool you will want to be assured that
animals have been treated humanely. The fur trade invests $millions in animal
welfare research, certification programmes and animal husbandry technology
in addition to supporting local, regional, national and international animal
welfare legislation.


It is a durable, natural and sustainable material. Fur is without doubt the
oldest fabric known to man and is one of nature’s most enduring products. So
why choose fur? It comes from sustainable sources – nowadays the majority of
fur is from specialty farms and around 15% is from abundant wild populations.


The saga furs traceability system (sts) scheme is an integral tool in the trade
to implement transparency and traceability. This chain of custody documentation
has had a huge impact on the way we source our furs. All the furs we sell
include the sts documentation whether it comes from a certified farm or not.
The saga traceability programme discloses the proportion of certified farms,
dates of farm certification and the countries of origin.

Traceability is another sustainability and ethical issue where saga furs leads
the industry. Over the past years, we’ve been developing rfid tracing technology
that would allow consumers at the point of purchase to scan and trace fur back
through the entire supply chain. Full traceability is important for quality
assurance and a logical next step in customer transparency from farm to
fashion house.


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